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Tigray conflict 

Fighters aligned with local leaders in Ethiopia’s Tigray say they have launched a new offensive in the northern region and seized a major town there. A spokesman for the Tigray fighters said they managed to clear the town of Raya from the federal forces. He also said the fighters have seized control of the southern parts of Tigray. Clashes are also underway in the western parts of the region. Tigray has witnessed deadly fighting between Ethiopian federal troops and local fighters since November. Thousands of people have been killed and hundreds of thousands displaced ever since.

Haiti assassination

Several of the men involved in the assassination of Haitian president Jovenel Moise were previously US law enforcement informants; that’s what CNN has reported. The American television has spoken with people briefed on the matter. At least one of the arrested suspects was a confidential source to the US Drug Enforcement Administration. That’s what it told CNN. Other suspects also had US ties, including working as informants for the FBI. The Haitian president was shot dead at his private home near the capital last Wednesday. Twenty-eight people, including three Americans, have already been arrested. On Monday, Haitian police said they had caught the mastermind behind the assassination. They said the suspect had used a Florida-based security firm to hire mercenaries to kill Moise. 

Caracas clashes 

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro says 10 Colombian paramilitaries have died in violent clashes with security forces in the capital Caracas. Maduro said a number of other paramilitaries had fled, adding, search is underway to find them. He said the Colombian paramilitaries had been training what he called criminals and terrorists in Venezuela for months. Caracas blames those criminals for a recent wave of unrest that has taken a toll on civilians. This past Saturday, more than two dozen people were killed in clashes between Venezuelan security forces and gangs in Caracas. Bogota says the gangs are linked to its now-disbanded revolutionary armed forces of Colombia, known as FARC. 

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