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US leaves Bagram airbase in Afghanistan

Amin Alemi
Press TV, Kabul

This is Kabul-Bagram highway and we are on our way to Bagram district in northern Parwan province to visit Bagram airfield.

The 70 hectares airfield was known as the symbol of the US military power in Afghanistan before its withdrawal from this key site.

Now, Bagram military air base which was known as an American town in Afghanistan is handed over to Afghan national army and the government says having control over Bagram helps Afghan forces to effectively manage and launch counter terrorism operations against terrorist groups ,mainly the Taliban.

But as this army General says ,the government needs more time to either collect all remained tools ,vehicles and other facilities or deploy military forces in Bagram.

Press TV team got permission to see some insider parts of the airfield.

The first destination is parking lot where the US forces left their military vehicles. Then we visited the Bagram hospital. Officials say they are working to make it operational very soon.

On of the other places to visit is the residential area but when we were heading to this site ,we faced many hideouts being used to protect US forces from possible Taliban rocket attacks.

However, it seems US forces have even left their boots behind due to a hurry to leave this largest military base in Afghanistan.

Bagram military airfield was considered as one of strategic bases across Afghanistan not only during the US invasion of Afghanistan but even earlier during the Soviet union occupation of the country.

Now the Afghan government should decide how to protect this vast base and deploy Afghan forces here.

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