Taming the dragon!

Today we are going to look at a show run a few weeks ago in Cornwall in England's rugged southwestern tip. The show had seven actors and we expected to watch something like Seven Samurai. But it turned out to be a comedy show.

And it might be called Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs. The Europeans and the Americans were fighting like cats and dogs see what I did there? up to a few months ago when Trump was still in office. But suddenly they woke up except for Joe Biden of course and realized that they had to stand together in the face of the Asian Dragon.

G7, or in plain English the Gangs of New York, are six countries under the command of Uncle Sam in their battle against China. The group was supposed to promote unity among the world's industrial powers but it soon became a kind of parody of Don Quixote, the romantic and deranged Spanish knight, except that unlike Don Quixote this motley crew is fighting three enemies, namely China and China and, er, China.

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