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Slamming UAE stance

The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has reacted to provocative remarks by Foreign Minister of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Hamas Spokesman, in a tweet, said the remarks made by the top Emirati diplomat are in line with the Israeli regime’s aspirations and false accounts. Hazem Qassem added that the comments also run counter to approaches and viewpoints of Arab nations supporting the resistance front in occupied Palestine. In his recent remarks, Al Nahyan expressed regret that some countries have not put movements such as Hamas on their list of terrorist groups. He also expressed hope that the normalization of ties between Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv would pave the way for other Arab countries to follow suit.

Israel political tensions

The Israeli parliament is set to vote on a new coalition cabinet that could end the 12-year-long rule of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The Knesset vote will either see a fragile eight-party alliance to power or return Israel to a stalemate and possibly a fifth general election since 2019. The new coalition consists of parties, ranging from the right-wing Yamina party to Arab lawmakers. It has already selected centrist politician, Yair Lapid and ultra-nationalist Naftali Bennett to serve as premier for two years each. After Netanyahu's failure to form a cabinet following an inconclusive March election, Lapid was tasked with forming a coalition. Netanyahu is already facing a host of corruption charges. Israelis have also held a number of protests in recent weeks against Netanyahu over his handling of COVID-19 and the economy.

Canada hate attack

Hundreds of people have joined a funeral in the Canadian city of London to bid farewell to a Muslim family killed in a hate-motivated attack. The mourners paid tribute to the four victims as they gathered at the city’s Islamic center. Then they held a procession before laying the victims to rest. The ceremony was broadcast live on major Canadian networks. The family members were deliberately run over by a pick-up driver last Sunday as they were out for a walk. The attack sparked outrage across Canada with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau calling it a terrorist act. The incident was the worst against Canadian Muslims since 2017 when a gunman killed six worshipers at a mosque in Quebec.

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