Bonfire in the Middle East

Zionists were almost ready to celebrate what they call "Jerusalem Day." That’s a day Israel hopes makes them look legitimate over their illegal occupation of Palestine. It’s like holding a party on your neighbour’s lawn, while they’re still at home!

But the Israelis thought of that too, and in the spirit of the festive mood, they expelled Palestinians from their homes in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood in East Jerusalem al-Quds. But it wasn’t enough. They needed even more space for the party. So they cleared the al-Aqsa mosque compound of Muslim worshippers – during the holy month of Ramadan. This led to problems.

Firstly, the Palestinians were all upset about their sacred place of worship on the way home. And then when they got home, they found out they’d been evicted! Some say Palestinians were right to be upset. But, others might call them party poopers. Things got serious after Israelis blew up a 13-storey building in an airstrike. That’s when Palestinians joined the celebration themselves, by lighting up the sky with their own fireworks. Then Israel shut Ben Gurion Airport while Israeli settlers chose to celebrate elsewhere in the Occupied Territories. It’s a vicious circle, but I digress.

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