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US-led Afghan war has claimed 241,000 lives, report finds

Amin Alemi
Press TV, Kabul


America’s longest war in Afghanistan is going to end as Washington has pledged to pull out its forces from the country in five months.

Apart from other consequences of Washington’s war in Afghanistan, casualties caused by the conflict over the past two decades show that almost 90,000 Afghan and US military forces, more than 71,000 civilians and over 84,000 terrorists have lost their lives since 2001. 

The main cause behind such casualties is said to be Washington’s failures including taking the Taliban not so seriously.

Although the Taliban had a weak presence in remote villages of Afghanistan in 2001, it gradually expanded its maneuver area to big cities-by launching bomb attacks or complex assaults-in and after 2005. The attacks mostly claimed the lives of civilians. In response, Afghan and foreign troops launched more military operations specially air strikes which resulted in a steep rise in human losses.

Now that Washington has realized there is no military solution to the Afghan war, US President Joe Biden announced on Wednesday that all US troops will leave the war-torn country by September 11, the 20th anniversary of the 9/11attacks.

The Afghan government strongly believes that the Taliban will never be able to take control over the country militarily due to high capabilities of Afghan national armed troops in the fight against terrorism.

Many here also argue that the only way to put an end to bloodshed in Afghanistan is the establishment of a united front by Afghan people without being dependent on foreign players and convince the Taliban to lay down their arms.

While all players are waiting for the launch of Turkey summit on the Afghan peace process, the Taliban say they are not willing to attend it because the US violated the terms of the agreement signed between the two in Doha February last year. Based on the Doha agreement, US military forces have to leave Afghanistan by May first.

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