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Here is the latest top stories from Press TV on March 10, 2021. 

US Iran sanctions 

A top Iranian security official has ruled out any step-for-step return to the 2015 nuclear deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or the JCPOA. The official said Iran will fully resume its JCPOA obligations only after the US removes its sanctions. He said the new US administration has failed to lift the sanctions, and added, Tehran will further reduce its commitments if Washington retains them. The Iranian official also dismissed any official or unofficial talks with the US before the sanctions are lifted. He said Iran's defense and missile programs as well as its regional presence have nothing to do with the nuclear deal. Earlier on Wednesday, President Hassan Rouhani urged the US to end its inaction regarding the accord. 

Battle for Ma’rib

The leader of Yemen’s Ansarullah Movement has accused the United Nations and the West of having a hypocritical approach toward Yemen. Abdul-Malik Badreddin al-Houthi said Washington and its allies are always quiet when the people of Yemen are killed with the weapons they supplied to some Arab regimes. He said, however, that those very countries express concerns when the Yemeni Army is close to liberating Ma’rib from Saudi-backed mercenaries. Houthi said the offensive on Ma’rib is aimed at deterring the enemies that have been wreaking havoc and spilling the blood of innocent civilians there for years. The Ansarullah leader also accused the United States of hatching plots to target his country, just like it did with Iraq and Afghanistan. He slammed Israel and the West for propagating the Takfiri terrorism with the aim of gaining control in the region.

UK-EU vaccine row 

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has rejected EU claims that the country has imposed a ban on Covid vaccine exports. Johnson's comments came after London summoned an EU diplomat. Britain also wrote to European Council chief Charles Michel to protest about his claim. Michel had claimed the UK and US had imposed an outright ban on the export of vaccines produced on their territory. The row is the latest in a series of vaccine spats since Britain fully completed its EU departure in January. The EU maintains that while it exports 30 percent of its vaccines, Britain has failed to publish any data for its own deliveries elsewhere. But the UK insists it is one of the leading donors to the UN's Covax vaccination program.

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