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The Jew who turned his back on Israel

Robert Carter

Press TV, Bradford

Ever since 1948, Israel has claimed to be building a homeland for the Jewish people with the اoly city of Jerusalem al-Quds as its capital.

But not all Jews have become convinced by the Zionist argument to migrate and settle in Palestine; in fact, some are fighting against it. Meet Aaron Schwartzberg, an orthodox Jew who rejects Zionism. He not only condemns Israeli crimes against the Palestinians but rejects Israel exists at all.

Aaron claims to be just one member of a growing number of religious Jews who regard Zionism as a sacrilegious movement hell bent on destroying true Judaism.

After leaving Israel, Aaron searched for a new home free from pro-Israel influences. Staying for a time in Belgium and London, now he lives in Bradford, where he has been welcomed into the community by the local Muslims.

Sadly, the days of Muslim, Jews and Christians living peacefully side by side in Jerusalem al-Quds ended once Zionism arrived, but these scenes of unity in Bradford offer some hope for the future.

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