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​​​​​​​Biden to further escalate tensions in Syria

Joe Biden delivers remarks on the Electoral college certification at the Queen Theater in Wilmington, Delaware on December 14, 2020. (AFP photo)

By Walt Peretto

Iranian President Rouhani stated today that US President-elect Joe Biden will abandon Trump's policy of sanctions against the Islamic Republic, stressing national unity as a key factor. Biden has also mentioned the possibility of the US returning to the JCPOA which Trump had abandoned in 2018.

For four years, Israel has been putting pressure on Trump to provoke a war with Iran before taking matters in their own hands by assassinating Iran's top nuclear scientist. I think the strategy of the Democrats is to pacify Iran until Syria is pressured into regime change and is firmly under globalist/Zionist control.

Iran and Syria have a mutual defense pact and there has been talk about Biden ramping up the conflict in Syria. When Biden was vice-president, his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was openly belligerent towards Syria and during that time the actions of the Western-backed Daesh caused ghastly misery and forced thousands of refugees to flee to Europe and beyond. This strategy was designed to destabilize Syria to provoke regime change. It also feeds the globalists’ desire to break down European culture to soften their eventual transition to a one-world culture and government. Biden's foreign policy will likely return to these strategies.

It probably won't be long after Biden is sworn in as president that we'll see escalating tensions in Syria. The Western mainstream media will likely portray the situation as a resurrection of ISIS and the US political right-wing will likely blame Biden for being soft on terrorism when it will be the US and its allies behind the violence. Of course this is speculation for the time being, but based on recurring patterns of behavior it seems like the Democrats hold a securing Syria first policy before concentrating on any conflict with Iran. Donald Trump is very close to Israeli leadership and I believe the Israelis felt they could convince Trump to go to war with Iran. It's likely that US military leaders advised against it until Syria is securely in the hands of the West.

So I see Biden slowly reversing tensions between the US and Iran which Trump has inflamed, while giving the go ahead for mercenaries to wreak havoc in Syria. On the home front, Biden will be facilitating conditions to 'convince' reluctant Americans to take the Covid-19 vaccines using monetary incentives and threats of disabling people's ability to travel, work, go to school, shop etc without proof of vaccine compliance. This will likely define his domestic policy while his foreign policy will concentrate on the Middle East and Western Asia.

The American people will have their hands full sorting out the major changes in society to the extent that foreign policy will be given little thought---even if a full-scale conflict commences abroad.

In the meantime, on the surface at least, I see US/Iranian relations warming in the first two years or so of Biden's presidency while tensions increase in and around Syria. If the globalist's plans are exposed and people begin to understand the pathologies and motivations behind it all, which is the establishment of a one world government, then people can formulate counter-strategies and reverse this downward spiral. Void of broad-based knowledge of this global reality, the future does not look good for the average person.

Walt Peretto is a writer and researcher in Washington, DC. He recorded this article for Press TV website. He recorded this article for Press TV website.

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