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Coronavirus: should British mosques open their doors?

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Robert Carter
PRESS TV, London

After weeks of lockdown the UK government has okayed British businesses and places of worship to open their doors once again to the public. However, following a heavily criticized handling of the outbreak is it safe for British Mosques to re-open? Especially given how badly minorities communities have been hit by the deadly virus.

As Britain emerges from weeks of near total lockdown, British Mosques are also preparing to open their doors for the first time in weeks. On July 4th, a day dubbed “Super Saturday” British businesses, including places of worship, will be free to open with some minor restrictions still in place.

Many in the British Muslim community are eager for the full reopening of their mosques for congregational prayers and other religious activities, however, should Muslims trust governmental advice? Especially when Britain had one of the worst COVID19 OUTBREAKS in all of Europe combined with a government response deemed too inadequate.

The government too is keen to get the economy back up and running, this despite the warning issued by the Prime Minister that the threat of a new spike in COVID-19 cases remains a real danger.

Following the green light announcement, the Government published official guidelines for places of worship in England on how to minimize the risk of spread.

Despite these measures, some continue to question the authorities leadership on the issue.

Not all mosques are to open on Saturday, some deciding to focus on reaching their followers online instead. With new cases across UK still hovering around 800 per day, what mosques choose to do now, could save precious lives. 

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