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Trump's response to coronavirus has exposed his true colors: Analyst

Rodney Martin

By Rodney Martin

Professor [Noam] Chomsky’s assessment is on is on the mark, and on point. If there's been anything that has shown Donald Trump's true colors, inexperience and complete lack of qualifications as president it's been his response to the coronavirus.

Sadly, it's taken thousands and thousands of deaths as a result, but this has been just an absolute catastrophe in the United States. And of course, as Donald Trump has done with prior debates and prior issues, he's resorted to hate tweeting, blaming people, firing people, marginalizing the experts. He does not listen to medical experts and scientists, and of course he's looking at everything through a personal partisan lens.

He's very upset that this virus is inconveniencing his reelection, and he can no longer run for reelection on the aspect of a robust American economy, which by the way was artificial to begin with.

Now, I want to go farther than Professor Chomsky saying that not only has Trump been irresponsible and grossly negligent, which has resulted in far more loss of life than what should have been. I don't blame the virus on Trump per se, but his complete incompetence, lack of attentiveness, lack of preparedness certainly caused a lot more death and illness than what the government should have [allowed].

But beyond that, his global bullying of countries like Venezuela and Iran by way of economic terrorism in the form of sanctions has resulted a lot more death on his hands, by way of those countries not being allowed to import much needed medical supplies and equipment.

So I go a little bit further than Professor Chomsky. He is absolutely correct when he talks about Trump being a sociopathic megalomaniac and that Trump operates from a perspective that everything has to benefit him. It's all about him. You rarely hear Donald Trump refer to “we” or his team unless there has been a problem.

When there is something that is marginally successful, Trump is always the one trumpeting his own horn as being the person responsible for the success. When there is a failure, Trump blames others, fires others, and goes so far as to say he never really knew them.

The United States does not have some form of universal health care and of course it’s the neocons or neoliberals talk about that we can't afford it, or that it's socialism. Both of those excuses are patently false.

We already exercise a large degree of democratic socialist policies in the United States. So the fact that argument that they do not want to have democratic or any type of socialism in the United States is a humbug, because we already have many of those types of programs. It would just be a natural expansion of Medicare to provide some basic health care for all Americans. And that would have gone along the way as well in stemming or blunting the effect of the coronavirus.

As to Trump's comments on Europe, he's up ringing the alarm bells. Yes, while there still seems to be many of these social democratic type programs in Europe, they are experiencing a march towards authoritarianism, which Donald Trump seems to want to emulate.

He seems to look to people like Viktor Orbán and others that view themselves as strong man, or [Brazilian President] Bolsonaro in Latin America. These are his role models and unfortunately this type of thinking and these types of individuals are the rise at the expense of the poor and marginalized people of the world and that is inherently dangerous as well.

When people have this mindset exercise power from a bullying perspective and from a scapegoating perspective, people that are the most marginalized and the most harmless are vilified, then we start seeing shades of the past that that are not pretty.

Rodney Martin is a political analyst and former congressional staffer in Arizona.

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