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President Rouhani: World's respect for Iran nation failure for those sanctioning Tehran

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani Iranian President Hassan Rouhani addresses the nation on the occasion of Nowruz on March 21, 2019.

The respect the world has for the Iranian nations means Iran’s enemies have failed, says President Hassan Rouhani in his New Year message.

Appearing on TV to congratulate Nowruz, Rouhani asserted in the early hours of Thursday that his administration would spare no efforts in tackling the country’s problems.

The Iranian president made the remarks after a message by Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei was broadcast.

Rouhani stressed the Iranian nation’s peaceful nature, hailing efforts to bring about stability to the region.

“Our nation has always created peace and calm in the region and the world,” he noted. “With concerted efforts in the past year, our devoted soldiers and diplomats could bring about more stability and security for the region alongside the nations of Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.”

The president further extended congratulations to the neighboring countries that celebrate Nowruz.

He also hailed the country’s achievements in the past year, including “victory over terrorism” as well as the “Iranian nations’ victory in the international arena and international courts.”

Rouhani took the chance to decry the United States’ illegal sanctions on Tehran in the wake of withdrawal from the internationally backed nuclear deal.

“What the enemy wants in the face of these problems is to make us face one another by sowing discord among us,” he said. “Some may ask ‘How long will these problems and sanctions continue?’ I’d like to tell the Iranian nation that the problems began by the malicious oath breakers new to power in Washington, but the ending is in our hands.”

The Iranian president highlighted the global community’s support for Iran, noting that “We, a great nation, kept our oath and stood by our words.”

“Those who broke the oath revealed their [true] nature; those who committed crimes must know that the end of this path will not be in their favor.”

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