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UK government promoting hatred against Muslims: Analyst

Massoud Shadjareh speaking to Press TV

The British government has contributed to the recent visible surge in terrorist attacks against Muslims around the world by fueling Islamophobia almost on a daily basis, a senior political analyst from London says.

“The UK government itself is involved in promoting this demonization and sort of escalating the environment of hate (against the Muslims),” said Massoud Shadjareh  in a Sunday interview with the Press TV, adding that senior UK politicians like former foreign minister Boris Johnson have been demonizing Muslims without any regret.

Shadjareh said incidents like the Friday massacre of Muslims in New Zealand, where a white supremacist killed 50 worshipers in two mosques in the city of Christchurch, was a result of the Islamophobic environments existing in Western countries like the UK.

“Islamophobia and the environment of hate which has been created against Muslims internationally and fueled by the politicians and the media on a daily basis is going to result in people behaving in this way,” he said.

The expert added some Western politicians acted as if they were even in a competition with each other to show who is more Islamophobic.

“Look at the (London) mayor election, there is a competition between all the candidates to show their credential of being Islamophobic,” said Shadjareh, adding, “The more Islamophoboic a politician it is more likely to actually win the votes.”

The analyst said even Muslim politicians in the UK like London Mayor Sadiq Khan and interior minister Sajid Javid are forced to behave in an Islamophobic manner because of the dominant environment of Islamophobia.

He said in addition to campaigning for a stop in Islamophobic discourse in the Western politics and the media, there should be more protection for the minority Muslim communities who are target of such terrorist attacks.

Shadjareh said governments like the UK have offered almost nothing in finances to provide security for places of worship for Muslims compared to what they have done to protect other  communities.

“The only community which is being attacked in London, in New Zealand and elsewhere, in the United States and so for, their centers have been attacked and their worshipers have been massacred is the Muslim community” he said.

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