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If Kissinger and Obama could get it, why not the Donald?

Donald Trump

If war criminals like Henry Kissinger and Barack Obama could get the Nobel Peace Prize, then Donald Trump could also be awarded it, says an American political analyst and activist.  

Myles Hoenig, a former Green Party candidate for Congress, made the remarks while commenting to Press TV on Thursday, after President Trump's closest Republican allies in Congress nominated him for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, giving him credit for pressuring North Korea into accepting a possible denuclearization.

Led by Indiana Representative Luke Messer, 18 of Trump’s most ardent supporters in the House of Representatives wrote a letter to the Norwegian Nobel Committee on Wednesday, recommending the Republican head of state for his work to bring peace to the Korean Peninsula.

“It’s not that unusual that his cadre of Republican sycophants would nominate President Trump for a Nobel Prize. To them, Trump is delivering on the undeliverable. Whether he has earned it or not is not relevant. Since Trump is trying to reverse everything that Obama attempted to do, it’s no surprise that they feel if Obama should have received the Nobel, why not the Donald?” Hoenig asked.

“And why not? Look at the Nobel committee’s history. First, they did give it to a war mongering president before he was even a war monger, President Obama. Yet even before his first bombs dropped on innocent villagers or droned individuals, he was already silent about the massive war crimes being committed by Israel during the Siege of Gaza when he was only President-elect. His argument for his silence was that foreign policy should be left to the sitting president, George Bush. However, he was quick to condemn and verbalize his outrage over the Mumbai massacre during this same time,” he stated.

“The Nobel committee sure has had second thoughts now that Obama’s term is over and he had extended Bush’s wars and added a few of his own. You would think they would think twice about making such a blunder,” the analyst noted.

Barack Obama (left) with Henry Kissinger in 2010.

“But the Nobel committee doesn’t seem to learn from previous blunders. Giving the Prize to Henry Kissinger for bringing the Vietnam War to an end is like rewarding the arsonist for pulling the fire alarm. Kissinger, to this day, cannot travel to a number of countries for fear of arrests, or at least questioning for his massive war crimes all over the world, from Chile to Indonesia and in-between,” he said.

“So let the Republicans cheer on Trump for the Prize. And let’s enjoy their wailing when he doesn’t win it and they claim persecution, witch hunt, or whatever. They’ll almost be like the Democrats in blaming everything on everyone else but the only reason, you don’t award the world’s most prized award to an idiot,” the activist concluded.

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