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‘US using North Korea pretext to launch nuclear attack on China’

US warship korean peninsula

The United States is using the pretext of North Korea to build up its military capabilities in order to launch a nuclear attack on China, an American writer and retired professor says.

James Petras, who has written dozens of books on international issues, made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Friday while commenting on soaring tensions between Washington and Pyongyang.

On Friday, North Korea accused the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of “hatch[ing] vicious plot” to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-un involving “biochemical substances” during public ceremonial events in Pyongyang.

The accusation comes as tensions between Pyongyang and the administration of President Donald Trump escalates over US military build-up on the Korean Peninsula and the North’s carrying out several nuclear and missile tests.

“Washington’s strategy is designed to contain and influence China if possible and in extreme provide a basis for launching a major attack on China,” Professor Petras told Press TV. “I think the pretext of attacking North Korea is simply an excuse to build up US military capabilities for a nuclear attack.”

“I think the forthcoming election in South Korea indicates that a majority of South Koreans are opposed to Trump, and will probably vote for the Democratic Party, which is opposed to building up the US military capacity to survey and pinpoint China’s vital resources, and China’s defense,” he stated.

Moon Jae-in, the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party of Korea, is greeted by his supporters during his election campaign rally in Goyang, South Korea, May 4, 2017. The South Korean presidential election is scheduled to be held on May 9. (Photo by AFP)

“I think the defeat of Trump in the forthcoming election in South Korea will be a very important step.  South Korea is not willing to sacrifice itself for US global domination, and that is true also for Asia, where the Philippines and other countries like Thailand are calling into question the US strategy towards China since they have very important ties. I should add Malaysia to that,” the analyst said.   

“So Washington is depending on the military build-up in South Korea, the military build-up in Japan, and Trump’s relationship with the Conservative Party in Australia.  This is a very dangerous move by Trump because it puts in danger the whole world,” Petras noted.    

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