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Isreal being ‘empowered’ to face US enemies in MidEast

An AFP picture taken on November 10, 2016 shows T-shirts bearing montaged images of US President Barack Obama (R) wearing a kaffiyeh and then-President-Elect Donald Trump (C) dressed as a Jew for sale in a souvenir shop in Jerusalem al-Quds.

The Israeli regime is getting further “empowered” by the United States in an attempt to confront US enemies in the Middle East, says an American activist with the A.N.S.W.E.R Coalition.

Richard Becker’s comments came during a Sunday interview with Press TV in reaction against the US approval of a proposal to sell the Tel Aviv regime more weapons, possibly worth an estimated $440 million.

With its aids and offers, Washington has been trying to make Israel the “dominant military power and the only nuclear weapons power” in the region, Becker noted.

The San Francisco-based analyst referenced the Friday announcement by the US Defense Security Cooperation Agency, asserting that “despite the hundreds of billions of dollars that have been sent to Israel over the years, particularly over the last 50 years, and all the hi-tech weaponry that Israel has acquired from the United States, the country continues to build up Israel even more.”

This AFP file photo taken on February 15, 2017 shows Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu leaving following meetings with US President Donald Trump at the White House in Washington, DC.

'Building up Israel'

The new arms sale is said to include 13 76mm naval guns, whose sale has won green light from the US State Department.

Becker argued that such sales ultimately aim to contain US enemies in the region, namely Syria, Lebanon and Iran.

“It’s important to know that Israel really serves the interests of US empire and that’s why it receives this kind of massive aid more than any country in the world,” said the political commentator. “Israel is empowered to use force against those countries.”

The stated objective of the “Possible Foreign Military Sale” is to “improve Israel’s capability to meet current and future threats in the defense of its borders and territorial waters.”

“The naval guns will be installed on Israeli Navy Sa’ar-4.5 and Sa’ar-6 missile patrol boats. One gun will be located at an Israeli naval training center to be used for training maintenance personnel,” according to the Friday press release.

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Tel Aviv is set to receive $3.1 billion in foreign military financing this year, in accordance with a deal signed under former President Barrack Obama last year.

Hailed as a “great friend to the Jewish people” by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Donald Trump has mended ties with Israel after they went sour under Obama, in part due to his resolve to participate in nuclear negotiations with Tehran, which yielded a nuclear deal not welcomed by US regional allies, namely Israel and Saudi Arabia.

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