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Iran plays pivotal role in confronting US hegemony: Analyst

US Defense Secretary James Mattis arrives at a meeting of the coalition to defeat the Daesh group at the State Department in Washington, DC, on March 22, 2017. (Photo by AFP)

Iran’s Foreign Ministry has called on the United States to pressure its regional allies into abandoning their support for terrorism and not to level “malicious” allegations against the Islamic Republic.

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi made the remark on Saturday, reacting to earlier comments by US Defense Secretary James Mattis that Iran continued to sponsor terror.

A political commentator said the reason why the United States is leveling such allegations against Iran is that the Islamic Republic has always played a “pivotal role” in supporting the governments that embrace the ideology of resistance against the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories.

“The United States represents the number one hegemon in the whole world. You are talking about world arrogance that is dictating the policies in many different places. Iran plays a pivotal role in facing, confronting and rejecting the American hegemony, the American support for the dictatorships and for the occupation,” Ibrahim Mousawi told PressTV in an interview on Saturday.

He also noted that Iran is in the position of “an enemy” to the United States government because it is not accepting the American diktats.

Mousawi further stated the Wahhabi Takfiri ideology is serving the United States very well, adding that Washington has created terrorist groups such as Daesh in order to “blackmail” other governments and to spread Islamophobia throughout the West.  

The commentator went on to say that Daesh and other Takfiri terrorist groups continue to serve as “instrumental tools” in the hands of the United States in order to destabilize the region, to fight resistance movements and to destroy the genuine image of Islam.

Mousawi further stressed that the United States has founded these so-called Islamic extremist groups to drive a wedge between the Muslims and to start a war between them.  

However, he said, thanks to the Iranian support and the resistance movements, the main threat of these Takfiri terrorist groups has been “eradicated.”

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