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Israel seeking to occupy all Palestinian lands: Analyst

The United Nations Security Council meets briefly concerning the situation in the Middle East at UN headquarters, in New York City, December 21, 2016. (Photo by AFP)

The United Nations Security Council has adjourned voting on a draft resolution calling on the Israeli regime to halt its illegal settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territories. The vote has been postponed to supposedly allow the diplomats of the member states to consult on the measure, but no new date has been scheduled for a vote. The draft resolution urges Israel to immediately and completely cease all settlement activities in the occupied lands.

Interviews on the subject, Eli Joseph James, a radio host and political commentator from Chicago, told Press TV’s “The Debate” program that Zionist organizations in America and around the world, like the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), exert tremendous pressure to push for the Israeli policy of occupying all Palestinian lands.

“This is just an ongoing play of power grab, land grab, false authority from the world Zionist organization and the Rothschild banking family, who is behind the finances of this land grab,” James said on Thursday night.

He said the land grab policy started “back in 1882; and we can see they are relentless in pursuing their objective of occupying all of Palestine and disregarding the rights of the Palestinian people.”

To materialize the Zionist goal of occupying Palestinian territories, “the world Zionist movement relies on tension,” he said.

According to the radio host, the Zionist circles that are surrounding US President-elect Donald Trump would put pressure on him “to keep this land grab going.” He expressed doubt that Trump would “have the courage to oppose this policy.” Early on Thursday, Trump had called on the incumbent US administration to veto the resolution at the Security Council.

Pointing to the incumbent US president’s position toward the Tel Aviv regime, he said, “Any anti-Israel statements that US President Barack Obama has made are “disingenuous.”

James also criticized the former British Empire for its plot to change the government and demography of Palestine a hundred years ago.

Referring to the Israeli regime’s regional policy, he said, “The basic policy of the Israelis is to divide and conquer and destabilize every nation that surrounds the [occupied territories], including Syria and Iran. That’s why the Israelis are constantly lying about Iran’s nuclear capability while they themselves have all kinds of nuclear bombs.”

“The Zionists have a policy of destabilization and constant war,” he said. “They need this constant war in order to pretend that there is no solution for the Palestine question.” Therefore, he said, other countries should stop the Israeli regime because the regime is leading the world toward “World War III.”

Geoffrey Alderman, an author and historian from London who was also interviewed in the program, said that the pro-Palestinian resolution at the UN Security Council had been postponed because of “pressure from the United States of America.”

He said, “Time is running out for those who support such [anti-Israel] resolutions.”

Whether Obama vetoes the resolution or not, he said, the fact of the matter is that, on January 20, the entire political topography of the USA vis-à-vis the United Nations organization and in particular the Security Council will change.

Alderman said, “The so-called two-state solution is dead,” and “the most that the Palestinians can hope for on the West bank is an internal self-government.”

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