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Yemen’s retaliatory attacks against Saudi only way to peace: Analyst

A Yemeni woman inspects the damage on September 15, 2016 at a factory targeted by Saudi airstrikes in the Yemeni capital Sana'a. (AFP photo)

Press TV has interviewed Hussein al-Bukhaiti, an activist and political commentator from Sana’a to discuss the retaliatory attacks against Saudi troops by Yemeni army, supported by Ansarullah forces.

Here is a rough transcription of the interview:


Press TV: How do you feel about the importance of Yemeni retaliation within Saudi territory?

Al-Bukhaiti: I think this is the only way to reach peace in Yemen, because we know that the Saudis have the money and have as well many Yemenis who will fight with them, so if we keep the fight and the fire just inside Yemen, then the Saudis will keep funding all this groups and the so-called Hadi government and Hadi army to fight inside Yemen.

We’ve seen they did the same thing for example in Syria, in Libya and in Afghanistan, but because those countries have no border with Saudi, it is hard to bring the fight back into Saudi. But we have seen in the latest attacks against the Saudi army in south Saudi, the Yemeni army and Houthi fighters have succeeded clearly. Many of their videos show that they are capable of taking Saudi ground, they are good as well in fighting Saudi army and the only thing we see from the Saudi side is the way that they leave all the equipment that cost them billions of dollars.

They just left them over there and I think now that the Yemeni army and Ansarullah the Houthis are using most of the weapons to fight in the border. These weapons come mostly from Saudi army bases, I hope that they will increase their fight because we have realized that all the UN negotiations and talks have failed, even though Yemeni delegates have agreed to 2216 and to the [Persian] Gulf initiatives. Yemeni delegates in Muscat are trapped there, they are not allowed to be back into Yemen.

When they went to Kuwait form Sana’a it was under the UN protection and if the United Nations and the UN Security council cannot guarantee for a team of delegates from one side to leave the country and to come back, I don’t think they can make any guarantees to the Yemeni people to bring peace into Yemen.

It seems that since the Saudis have failed in the military effort inside Yemen and as well in their border, they want to bring Yemenis to submission by this blockade, especially now on Sana’a airport there is no flight. There are six thousand Yemeni civilians trapped in Cairo airport and as well in Jorden. Most of them were injured by the Saudi led coalition airstrikes in Yemen and now they are trapped, they can’t go anywhere.

They can’t even come back and this show you the amount of bias of the United Nations and their envoy into  Yemen Ismail Ould Cheikh, who has said about three weeks ago in Muscat that they will be able to go back to Sana’a, but they were surprised that he hasn’t mentioned anything and hasn’t done anything. He just left Masqat straight away after he met Sana’a delegates.

Press TV: Although you said that the Saudis want Yemenis to submit, do you think that will ever actually happen considering this poor country is embarrassing these richer countries publicly in the world?

Al-Bukhaiti: I don’t think it will happen, because we have reached 17 months of the Saudi-led coalition, 17 months of the Saudi constant airstrikes and 17 months of the Saudi supported by the United States and British blockade on Yemen.

They don’t even allow food and medicine to be brought into Yemen, they don’t allow sick people from coming from outside Yemen or form inside Yemen, so they have miserably failed in their effort and if we look into the areas that they have liberated (as they say), the Saudi backed government or Hadi government cannot even go back to those areas. So I don’t think they in any way succeed in bringing Yemenis into submission.

Of course they have all military equipment, they have all the latest American-made weapons, but they don’t have the fighters as we have. The Yemeni fighters are fighting for their county, they are defending their family and everyone in Yemen and people who are trapped outside Yemen.

That’s why we have seen all this failure in the war in Yemen and I think there are some kind of pressure on Saudi Arabia, especially for its crime on Yemen. We have seen many leading newspapers in Europe, UK and as well in the US who condemn Saudi.

I’ve seen as well a statement by one of the US senate congressman who said to fight terrorists is not to support Saudis in Yemen, to fight terrorists we have to go into the source of terrorists in Yemen. We know that terrorists in all across the globe is coming from Wahhabis …

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