World War III a coin flip if Hillary elected: Author

US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump (R) and his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton

Press TV has interviewed Stephen Lendman, an author and radio host from Chicago, about the US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s defense for the police shooting of an African American in Milwaukee.

The following is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Tell us about Trump’s comments and the Americans’ response.

Lendman: Indeed, I'm aware of Trump's comments and I wrote about the incident after it happened. I titled my article, “We’re all oppressed African-Americans” and indeed we are a great majority of Americans severely repressed to let the authorities in the nation pursue which real aims which is serving predatory corporate interests and waging endless wars of aggression on a worldwide basis. But Tramp did make the comment I heard him I don't know whether I heard this particular comment but I've heard him praised America's police and calling them terrific and so on and so forth.

But Obama has done exactly the same thing and it's been awhile I believe last year Obama addressed the police convention of some sort where he went out of his way to praise the work of US police instead of condemning the fact that they’re being militarized with Pentagon weapons and turn US streets and communities into battlegrounds. Last year alone over 1,100 police killings took place. The great majority African-Americans are almost in every case the individuals unarmed. In the Milwaukee incident witnesses dispute the police claim that the victim was armed and I believe the witnesses.

Press TV: The opinion polls are pretty much pointing to the wide lead that Hillary Clinton has over Donald Trump. Would you say that Donald Trump has lost a lot of that appeal that he had for certain sectors of American society during the campaign trail for the primaries?

Lendman: I think the main reason to the difference in the polls that they have very but there's certainly been more extreme support in Clinton more recently, although a couple of polls go the other way. And which ones are accurate and which ones are not, I'm not certain, but it appears that in the polls Hilary has the advantage, but I've written a great deal on the fact - and Trump is right on this - that the media is so biased against him with the New York Times in the lead just a blizzard of daily articles attacking Trump no matter what he does, no matter what he says no, matter what he doesn't do and it's a daily affair.

I've listened to parts of Trump’s speeches and for the most part aside from some over the top comments like wanting to build a wall along Mexico's border and keeping Muslims from entering America in his words, until we can figure out what's going on “whatever he means by that” most of his comments, I disagree with them for the most part, but they’re not more outrages than what any other political candidate says.

The point is that Hillary is the establishment candidate, Trump sounds anti-establishment but I've made it very clear in my writing that if he became president he would be an establishment president like any other one and the lesson of Jack Kennedy has never been forgotten. He ended office a warrior president. He transformed himself into a peace president. He was assassinated and no president since has gone against the system.

They’ve supported the system including America’s imperialism and its endless wars. And if Trump became president he would do exactly the same thing with one big difference. He might be less likely to start World War III and it's possible he would have better relations with Russia, which will be the best way of preventing World War III and I'm afraid if Hillary is elected I call World War III a coin flip.

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