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US becomes laughing stock by blaming Iran for 9/11: Pundit

This file photo shows a hijacked plane before crashing into a tower of the former World Trade Center in New York on September 11, 2001.

Press TV has interviewed Foad Izadi, a professor at University of Tehran, about a US court vindicating Saudi Arabia and ruling against Iran over the September 11 attacks in America.

The following is a rough transcription of the interview.


Press TV: What do you make of this court ruling here asking Iran to pay damages to the victims of the 9/11 attacks? As we have just mentioned, why Iran?

Izadi: Well I do not know. You have to basically look at the history of what has happened in 2004. Three years after 9/11 attacks we had the 9/11 Commission report in about 600 pages. The commission was created by then US President George Bush and the US Congress and the aim of the commission was to find out who was responsible for 9/11 and issues surrounding 9/11 and nowhere in that 600 pages Iran is considered to be responsible for 9/11.

So the judge that had this ruling should explain whether he had read that commission report. This is the official US government position on 9/11. Both the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch of the US government commissioned this report and approved the findings of that report. So it is the judge’s responsibility to say why he made this decision based on what we read in the press reports and you provided some of it here. His claim, the judge’s claim is that Iran failed to defend itself and the question is what happened to innocent until proven guilty?

The whole judicial system not only in the United States but all over the world is that when you make an accusation against an individual or a country or an organization, the person, the people who make that accusation are supposed to provide evidence. It is the other way around in this case. The judge wants Iran to prove that Iran was not part of 9/11 and it is not possible to prove a negative. So this is basically a joke. The US presidential candidates are jokers as they call themselves. That is a circus. The US judicial system seems to follow that path. People are not going to take United States seriously when they have judges in that country just violating every rule that exists in normal judicial process.

Press TV: What about claims that Hezbollah provided advice and training to al-Qaeda members who carried out the 9/11 attacks? Is there a link between Hezbollah, Iran and al-Qaeda?

Izadi: Well if you know anything about politics in this part of the world, you know what Hezbollah is doing now and people are questioning why Hezbollah is doing this, is that they are fighting al-Qaeda and Daesh in Syria. The al-Nusra Front is generally described as an al-Qaeda organization. They are fighting Hezbollah, Hezbollah is fighting them, if you know anything about the politics of this part of the world you know that these organizations have been criticizing Iran, have been carrying …, have wanted to carry [out] attacks against Iran, have caused Iran a lot of difficulties.

So no one really believes that and as I said the 9/11 Commission never found any links between what happened in 9/11 and Iran as a country or even Iranian individuals. As you said the people who carried out that attack were from Saudi Arabia. None of them were Iranians. The Iranian government based on this official account of the US government, Iranian government was not linked to 9/11 and the question is that it seems we have a bunch of greedy Zionists in New York trying to make a buck out of nothing and in the meantime they are making themselves the laughing stock of the whole world because what they are saying is not serious.   


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