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Attacks in Turkey meant to drag Ankara into Syria: Analyst

US Vice President Joe Biden (L) gestures next to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan after a meeting at Yildiz Mabeyn Palace in Istanbul, January 23, 2016. (Photo by AFP)

Press TV has conducted an interview with David Lindorff, an investigative journalist, and Shahid Qureshi, a writer and analyst with The London Post, to discuss the recent deadly bombing in Ankara.

Lindorff says the Takfiri Daesh group wants Turkey to send ground troops into Syria to defend the terrorists in facing Kurdish fighters, the Syrian military forces, and the Russian airstrikes being carried out there. Therefore, he suggests, the terrorist group is carrying out attacks inside Turkey that can be easily blamed on Kurds and be used to justify Turkish involvement in the conflict in Syria.

Turkey is also playing a dangerous game, he says, because Ankara will not be immune from the unwanted aftereffects of tensions in neighboring countries when it acts to stir them.

He says Turkey, the US, and Israel have made it clear that they would be happier seeing Syria divided into little sectors that would be run by different minorities.

Qureshi, for his part, believes Turkish President Recep Tayyip “Erdogan needs to take a step back” and stop reacting the way he has been reacting toward the Kurds. He says Erdogan has to learn who the “real culprits” are in the bombing attacks in Turkey.

He further refers to the role of other players in regional instability, saying that only one party has benefited from conflicts in the last 15 years: the Israeli regime.

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