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Hillary Clinton presided over genocide in Libya in 2011: Analyst

“One thing that strikes me to hear Hillary Clinton say negative things about Trump is that she has one hell of a nerve to take someone to task for inflammatory rhetoric,” Daniel Patrick Welch told Press TV on Wednesday.

Hillary Clinton’s condemnation of Donald Trump over his controversial remarks is “hypocritical” since she presided over “genocide” of the people of Libya in 2011, says Daniel Patrick Welch, an American writer and political analyst.

The Democratic presidential frontrunner condemned her Republican rival’s “dangerous” rhetoric about Muslims on Tuesday, urging that his candidacy be “rejected roundly” by the American people.

Trump’s call to temporarily ban all Muslims to enter the US has sparked domestic and international outrage. The New York billionaire businessman has also proposed a national database and special IDs to track the US Muslim community with a population of about 3 million people.

“One thing that strikes me to hear Hilary Clinton say negative things about Trump is that she has one hell of a nerve to take someone to task for inflammatory rhetoric, or intolerant rhetoric,” Welch told Press TV on Wednesday.

The political commentator said that although Trump is known for his outrageous remarks, he “didn't actually preside over this genocidal slaughter in Libya like Hilary Clinton did, and then have the cold, vicious evil to go there and say 'We came, we saw, he died!' and laugh -- *laugh!!* at the incineration from above of tens of thousands of Libyans, and the destruction of an entire country. Which is still a failed state in utter chaos -- as they wanted -- to this day."

"If I were a cynic, I might be tempted to believe that the whole thing is a setup, like her backers might be funding his campaign, because it's the only one so crazy that it makes her look like an actual choice -- I think their focus groups tell them that she is widely despised, and that the only way to make her look palatable is to put out a line of worse products for people to reject,” he added.

Chaos has gripped Libya since 2011, after the US and its allies launched a military offensive to overthrow Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi. Clinton was the Secretary of State at the time.

Clinton completely hypocritical

Welch said Clinton is "completely hypocritical. And they all are -- this is not just to single her out. All of the Democrats -- all of the candidates in the race -- are pro-imperialist. They actually are completely on board with this supremacist, death squad foreign policy that is an all out war against the Global South, and focusing particularly on Russia and China."

As the former Secretary of State, Clinton helped President Barack Obama expand wars started by his predecessor George W. Bush, Welch argued. “And now she wants the chair.”

He said that unlike Clinton and other candidates, Trump has a somewhat correct understanding of Russia’s role in bringing stability to Syria and that is why Russian President Vladimir Putin has a good opinion of him.

"The other irony, at least in the geopolitical arena, is that Trump is the only one who has said anything even remotely sane about the US relationship with Russia, in that he quite correctly praised Russia's role in helping bring about the destruction of ISIS in Syria," he stated.

And he said the US should have a good working relationship with Russia -- that's why President Putin has something positive to say about him, not because he wants him to be president. And Clinton? She's certainly no bargain: she has never stopped her Russophobic rhetoric. Nor have the other candidates," the analyst concluded.

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