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US blacks undergoing Zionist ethnic cleansing: Analyst

African Americans are being ethnically cleansed under Zionist governing, says McKinley.

The US government is subjecting African American communities to a Zionist pattern of “ethnic cleansing,” says Paul McKinley, an American civil rights activist.

Police in the US city of Chicago shot dead two more African American citizens while responding to a domestic violence report on Saturday, raising further questions about a force already under spotlight for using excessive force against black people.

Officers arrived at a small beige residence and fatally shot Quintonio LeGrier, 19, a college student who had been experiencing mental health issues.

They also killed Bettie Jones, who was 55 and a first-floor tenant, who police officials later admitted was killed “accidentally.”

The new police shootings came when  the city’s police and other officials were already under fire for the video-taped death of Laquan McDonald, a black teenager who was shot 16 times by a white police officer in 2014.

“Chicago has turned into what you may call as the police being used as death squads,” McKinley told Press TV on Sunday.

The rights activist said that the plight of African American communities in Chicago is in many ways similar to that of Palestinian people who are being oppressed by Israel.  

“In Palestine they are bulldozing houses, in Chicago they are using a wrecking ball and knocking down the houses in the black neighborhoods,” he said. “In Palestine the soldiers come in and raid Gaza Strip or Golan Heights and kill all the people, while in Chicago they come in our neighborhoods… allow the criminals to go free and kill innocent people.”

“So what you see is a Zionistic concept of governing,” he noted.

McKinley urged the public to review their understanding of Zionism in order to better understand the underlying pattern behind the injustice against colored minorities in the US.

“When a lot of people think about Zionism, they only think about a particular ethnic group and I like the people to understand that all Zionists are not Jews and all Jews are not Zionists,” he said. “Zionism is a geopolitical policy that is being executed in Palestine and in Chicago.”

McKinely accused Chicago authorities of carrying out an “ethnic cleansing” against black people, something that is being purposely ignored by the United Nations and other international organizations.

McKinely blamed the government for the problems minorities are facing. He encouraged popular movements to continue censuring those policies until their demands are met.

Several high-profile shooting deaths of black unarmed men and women by white officers in the US have given rise to social uprisings such as the Black Lives Matter movement.

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