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US moves in Asia to bring about ‘nuclear holocaust,’ activist says

US attempts to "recolonize" Asia means Washington is “preparing for a war” which will lead to a “nuclear holocaust.”

The Unites States’ measures in Asia, including the recent deployment of sophisticated Poseidon spy planes to Singapore in order to conduct surveillance flights over the South China Sea, mean the US is “preparing for a war” which will lead to a “nuclear holocaust” that causes a “complete collapse” of the banking system in the West, says an activist.

Mike Billington, Asia editor for the Executive Intelligence Review, told Press TV on Tuesday that the deployment, which is part of an enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (DCA), consists of spy planes that are “armed and capable of participating in military attacks.”

The US seeks “recolonization” of Asian countries “in exactly the same way” in the Middle East, Billington said, expressing hope over “courageous efforts by the Senate in the Philippines” that recently stalled a US plan to “remilitarize” the country by setting up eight military bases there.

Washington’s moves in South China Sea are made on the basis of claims that China is “militarizing” the region “by building a few islands and airstrips,” he noted, calling such an allegation “absurd,” particularly when compared to the US “massive” deployments.

The Washington-based activist referred to debates in the US that Obama “has lost his mind” as he is “preparing for a nuclear war with Russia,” which would also engage China, further warning of a “nuclear holocaust’ it would bring about.

“The Chinese have made it very clear that they will defend Russia if there is a war,” Billington said, adding Obama should be removed from his post to avoid war.

In a joint statement with visiting Singaporean Defense Minister Ng Eng Hen on Monday, Pentagon chief Ashton Carter announced a mutual agreement over the inaugural deployment of US P8 Poseidon spy planes in the Southeast Asian country.

Beijing has, on different occasions, asserted its sovereignty over the South China Sea. The US, however, accuses the Chinese of carrying out what it calls a land reclamation program by building artificial islands in the sea near the Spratly Islands, a disputed group of hundreds of reefs, islets, atolls, and islands.

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