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US overtaken by Russia, China in cyber technology: Analyst

Lindorff says Russia and China have proven that America’s cyber technology is no longer unmatched.

Russia and China have shattered the US illusion that no country can match it in terms of cyber technology, says an American investigative journalist.

“The US had always assumed that it was the master at computer technology and it could get away with whatever it wanted to do in terms of flipping into other countries’ computer systems,” David Lindorff told Press TV on Thursday.

“They have discovered that not only the Russians, but the Chinese are equally adept and capable of doing whatever the US does,” he added.

The US and China reached an agreement to expand cooperation on stopping cyber espionage, the US Department of Justice announced Wednesday.

China's Ministry of Public Security hailed the agreement, saying that would have a "major impact" on the implementation of internet security measures.

Lindorff said the US was forced to accept the agreement after the Chinese retaliated several high-profile American attempts of cyber espionage.  

The analyst, however, expressed doubt on the effectiveness of the deal, saying, both sides “are serial offenders and say they are not doing things that they are actually doing.”

“I doubt if it will stop it,” Lindorff stated.

The US has, for years, accused the Chinese government and military of conducting computer-based attacks, including efforts to steal information from federal agencies.

Beijing has dismissed Washington’s cyber attack accusations as hypocritical, since intelligence leaks have revealed that the US itself is the most active perpetrator of cyber espionage against foreign countries, especially against China.

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