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Expect only lies from US ‘Ministry of Truth’ on Syria: Analyst

"The fact is that whatever they say about commandos and troops or boots on the ground is just complete nonsense,” Daniel Patrick Welch told Press TV on Tuesday.

The Pentagon statement about sending US Special Operations Forces to Syria to fight Daesh (ISIL) is an "outright lie" because Washington had these commandos on the ground since it started war against Syria, an American writer and political analyst says.

In a phone interview with Press TV on Tuesday, Daniel Patrick Welch called the Pentagon a sort of “Ministry of Truth” which pursues "a campaign of public relations and outright lies."

"The trouble with stories that come out of the Pentagon or statements from Pentagon officials is that it is sort of the Ministry of Truth. It's an organized campaign of public relations and outright lies. The fact is that whatever they say about commandos or troops or boots on the ground, it's just complete nonsense,” Welch he stated.

US Defense Secretary Ash Carter told Congress on Tuesday that Pentagon is “prepared to expand" the role of Special Operations Forces in Syria. “These special operators will over time be able to conduct raids, free hostages, gather intelligence, and capture ISIL leaders.”

Welch said that the US “had these commandos on the ground from the very beginning. They have been instrumental in directing and fomenting this war against the Syrian state -- to weaken it. And they've spent millions, even going back to 2006 -- way before the Arab Spring -- they spent millions of dollars in a deliberate campaign to destabilize the Syrian state."

"So they're the problem, not the solution. And when they say about it 'breaking the seal' to have boots on the ground, it's breaking the seal on ‘overt’ public opinion that politicians discuss, and I don't know if the politicians are actually just stupid -- really stupid -- or they are covering for these policies. Because the statements and the policy objectives that are public are diametrically opposed not only to the secret strategy but to the facts on the ground,” he added.

The United States has announced that it has deployed dozens of ground troops to Syria claiming they will assist Kurdish forces in their battle against Daesh terrorists.

The presence of US troops on the ground in Syria lacks any mandate from the Syrian government. Damascus says it is a violation of its sovereignty.

US behind death squad project

Welch stated that the “US has been instrumental -- it created the precursor, al-Qaeda, it created the death squad project and all the precursors to ISIS [Daesh/ISIL]that in fact made ISIS possible. They are providing at least political cover to a close ally, Turkey, and probably more than that, in terms of the vast network of oil sales that are propping up ISIS.”

“And they have their own death squads -- a variety of them -- that are in place to do exactly what they did in Libya, exactly what they have done all over the Middle East and North Africa and throughout Central America and Africa for decades. Which is to use these as a battering ram to overthrow governments they don't like,” he stated.

"To say that they're fighting Daesh? Russia is the only force -- beside the Syrian state -- which is fighting Daesh with any intention. These people [US] are trying to prop up their false narrative by pretending now to be vigorously involved in this when they were clearly helping these long lines of oil tanker trucks go through the porous Turkish border and then out to the rest of the world. It's just so much lies and nonsense that it is very difficult even to listen to US officials,” the analyst noted.

The US is escalating its involvement in Syria amid Russia’s intensifying campaign in the country to assist President Bashar al-Assad in fighting against ISIL terrorists. The US forces will remain in Syria for the foreseeable future.

On September 30, Russia began its military campaign against Daesh terrorists and militants fighting against the Syrian government.

"What we have to watch is what is actually happening. The Russians have said 'look, this is it. We're not going to listen to this anymore. We're going to step in and actually do something against this vicious death squad project that has destroyed country after country, because it is going to threaten us,” Welch said.

“And so in alliance with China, and with Hezbollah, with Iran and the Syrian government, and increasingly perhaps with Egypt and the rest of the BRICS and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization are going to push back, and the death squad project in Syria will fail. And the empire will just have to deal with the consequences. It won't be pretty. They're ugly and mean -- it's like a cornered dog. But it's coming to an end, and I hope the sooner the better," the analyst concluded.

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