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Blacks in US suffer incremental genocide, human rights violations: Historian

Blacks in the US have endured an incremental “genocide” throughout the history of the country, American researcher Dr. Randy Short says.

Blacks in the United States have endured an incremental “genocide” and “human rights violations” throughout the history of the country, a researcher and historian based in Washington says.

Dr. Randy Short, a member of the Black Autonomy Network Community Organization, made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Sunday while commenting on reports which have concluded that the police shooting death of a 12-year-old African-American boy with a pellet gun was reasonable. The reports were prepared by two experts for the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor.

Tamir Rice was fatally shot on November 22 last year by a Cleveland officer after he allegedly mistook the boy’s toy gun for a real one. The shooting sparked controversy given Tamir's age and the fact that he had a gun that resembled a handgun but fired pellets.

Tamir Rice

“Most people need to understand in America that killing of black people for the last 150 years has been covered by a concept of justifiable homicide, which essentially means killing a person in particular by the police is good, and this is policy and if it's not policy this [is] custom and this is the norm in this society,” Dr. Short said.

“When they were exterminating the Amerindian people within them -- you can do the research and find out they come from Africa too so the redskins could also be brown or black skin if you really know what you're doing. The only good Indian was a dead Indian. And that's when they were trying to destroy and break the backs of the Indian people,” he added.

“Now the only good black is a dead black, or if we could just rob a bit the only good nigger is a dead one and this is the same that could be said for the woman (McKenna) who was tased to death in Fairfax County where I grew up or the thousands of people who were killed in detention or shot by the police this year,” he continued.

“This is also heightened by the fact that the Attorney General Loretta Lynch, a vicious, unattractive, unprofessional and cruel woman who is the architect of the shoot to kill policy when she was the Justice Department's main woman in the Eastern half of the state of New York, who is now the attorney general just told… that she felt that it was not important for the FBI or the United States government to keep statistics on the number of people shot and killed by the police,” Dr. Short noted.

US Attorney General Loretta Lynch speaks during a Department of Justice summit in Washington, DC, October 7, 2015. (AFP photo)

“This is a violation of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, it's a violation of the genocide convention, it's a violation of laws passed by President [Bill] Clinton 21 years ago,” the analyst said .

"And so you have the head of the Justice (Department) of the United States saying it really doesn't matter how many people get killed or if they even count them. This is a slap in the face of the international  body that… human rights of the United Nations which says the United States has the problem of apartheid -- and it does -- and it is quite tragic that this is happening,” he observed.

“The same country that can create ISIL that can help kill up to almost 300,000 Syrians and cause mass suffering is also the same government that allows its own citizens to be murdered, to be tortured to be beaten, to be tased to death in the thousands and it's always justifiable. This is genocide,” he emphasized. 

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