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Saudi crimes in Yemen must be exposed: Analyst

A Yemeni man stands amid the ruins of buildings destroyed in a Saudi airstrike in the capital Sana’a on September 10, 2015. (AFP photo)

Press TV has conducted an interview with Anthony Hall, professor of globalization at Lethbridge University, to discuss Saudi Arabia’s ongoing aggression against Yemen.

What follows is a rough transcription of the interview.


Press TV: Death and destruction still continues to go on in Yemen with no signs of Saudi Arabia literally reducing its pressure on Yemen. So until when do you think this war will continue?  

Hall: Well, it seems that it is an open scenario. I cannot see an end in sight. It reminds me of the IDF, the Israeli Defense Force pounding Gaza two years ago. There is nothing in Yemen to respond, to defend, the Houthi people, the freedom fighters who are standing up against the Saudi air force and what is this Saudi aggression? What is this history of Israeli Saudi connection? Why is Saudi Arabia and Israel so often on the same page? Why do we hear nothing here in the so-called West in the NATO countries condemning this atrocious human rights violation?   

Press TV: And why is there a different portrayal of the situation in Yemen in Western media and so what impact will this have on the way Western people view what is going on in Yemen?

Hall: Yes, it is part of a really atrocious spin that is taking place. For instance the so-called migrants, we get no sense that the West, the NATO countries, Israel, United States is largely responsible for creating the context. We get no sense in our media here in the West that we have much responsibility for backing this Saudi war machine. Canada does a great deal of armaments trade with the Saudi government. The Saudi country of course has nothing, no semblance of democracy and no semblance of respect for human rights.  

Press TV: And briefly what short-term solution can there be to end the war in Yemen?

Hall: You are asking me to come up with something that I do not think I am capable of coming up with. What we need to do is get truth out, at least get a diagnosis of the situation so that Saudis aggression, aggressive warfare which is the highest international crimes, at least that is exposed what Saudi is doing in Yemen.

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