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West meddlesome policies behind refugee crisis in Europe: Pundit

Refugees wait outside the State Office of Health and Social Affairs in Berlin, Germany, to receive help on August 7, 2015. (© AFP)

Press TV has conducted an interview with Andre Vltchek, a philosopher and investigative journalist from Beirut, and Bob Ayers, an international security expert from Somerset, to discuss the refugee crisis in European countries.

Vltchek rules out claims that Europe is not able to take in all refugees fleeing the violence-stricken countries because it is a vast continent; therefore, it can easily absorb about 300,000 asylum seekers annually.

The asylum seekers are coming from the ruined countries that are bearing the brunt of “Western imperialism,” he notes, adding that European and Western policies are based on plundering the resources of other nations, and that the process has been accelerated in recent years.

The journalist maintains that the West has fueled violence in the Middle East and North Africa through creating the Daesh terrorist group. He adds that the NATO military alliance has directly been involved in training the Takfiri extremists in Turkish camps.

People are fleeing their homeland because of the ongoing bloodshed and violence, which have been ignited by Daesh and other Western-backed terror organizations, Vltchek says.

For his part, Ayers thinks there is not any uniform policy on the refugee crisis in Europe, adding that the number of asylum seekers flowing into the green continent is far beyond its capacity to accept and provide all of them with shelter.

If Europe tries to help violence-hit countries, it will be accused to intervening in their internal affairs, he believes.

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