US lawmakers under AIPAC influence over Iran vote: Medea Benjamin

Medea Benjamin said US lawmakers are under influence of AIPAC.

American lawmakers, who are opposed to the Iran nuclear agreement, are under influence of the Israeli lobbying group like the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), an anti-war activist says.

“Their allegiance to large lobby groups like AIPAC and the right-wing Israeli government are what are influencing their votes,” Medea Benjamin from CODEPINK told Press TV on Tuesday.

“Unfortunately, every single Republican in the House and the Senate, it seems like they are all going to reject the nuclear deal. They’re playing politics instead of looking out what’s best for the United States, for Iran, for the whole world,” she added.

“We don’t have one Republican yet in office to come out in favor of the deal,” Benjamin said. “It’s a very sad and cynical situation where party politics seems more important than the future of people living together peacefully on this planet.”

Congress is scheduled to vote on the agreement in September.

American lawmakers are widely expected to reject the agreement, but it would take a two-thirds vote in both the House and Senate to override a presidential veto.

“It seems like the Congress will reject the deal. The president will then veto the congressional legislation and then we hope that there will not be enough votes to override the veto, meaning the deal will go through. That’s the most likely scenario,” the activist said.

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