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Americans tired of Israel lobby and Netanyahu: Ex-US army psychological warfare officer

“The influence that AIPAC, the influence of Ehud Barak and the influence of Netanyahu has really reached a maximum point in the American consciousness,” Scott Bennett told Press TV on Saturday.

The Americans are “tired of” the influence of the Israel lobby in the United States and of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, says Scott Bennet, a US counter-terrorism analyst.

Bennet made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Saturday when asked about the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)’s ferocious campaign to kill the Iran nuclear agreement in the US Congress.

Last month, AIPAC launched a group, called “Citizens for a Nuclear Free Iran,” to convince members of Congress to reject the conclusion of nuclear talks reached between Iran and  the P5+1 group of countries - the US, Britain, France, Russia, China, and Germany – in the Austrian capital, Vienna, on July 14.

“The US/AIPAC propaganda machine has been brain-washing the American citizens with some core propaganda themes,” said Bennet, a former US army psychological warfare officer.

He stated that “the themes are that the Americans are constantly told by Fox News, by congressional people who are paid to wage endless wars is that:

1) Iran is obsessed with the absolute annihilation of Israel like a body’s biological defense mechanism devoted to destroying an evading parasite,

 2) Iran is obsessed with creating nuclear weapon and it’s going to lie, cheat, deceive in order to do so, in order to achieve its first goal to annihilate Israel, and,

3) Iran will try and bomb and destroy Israel, then Europe, then the United States.”

The analyst said the AIPAC is “going to be spending a lot of money, but what they’re going to be spending it on is all negative, it’s all violence, it’s all threat, it’s all fear.”

“And Americans have had enough of that,” he noted. “I think instinctively they’re tired of that.”

“They’ve been on a decade of war and bloodshed and it’s all really been waste. So the fear, and the negativity and the hostility that they’re going to try to generate is really I think very shallow and thin,” he opined.

He went on to say that “I think the influence that AIPAC, the influence of Ehud Barak (former Israeli premier) and the influence of Netanyahu has really reached a maximum point in the American consciousness. The American citizen is tired of it.”

“I don’t think it’s going to have the effect that they’re hoping, money does not buy the hearts and minds, truth does, and logic and common sense,” Bennet concluded.

AIPAC has reportedly deployed about 300 lobbyists on Capitol Hill to try to convince lawmakers to vote against the nuclear agreement.

AIPAC, along with some other pro-Israel advocacy groups, are spending tens of millions of dollars to fund a national television advertising campaign to inform the public “about the dangers of the proposed Iran deal.”

AIPAC critics have said it acts as an agent of the Israeli regime and has a "stranglehold" on Congress with its extensive influence and financial power.

The advocacy group has been accused of being strongly allied with the Likud party in Israel, and the Republican Party in the United States.

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