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West complicit in Israel genocide against Gazans: Analyst

A Palestinian family rests on July 2, 2015, in the rubble of a building that was destroyed by Israel during the 50-day war on Gaza in 2014, in east of Gaza City. (© AFP)

Press TV has conducted an interview with Anthony Hall, professor of globalization at Lethbridge University, to share his thoughts on a new study showing that the British government approved £4 million in weapons sales to the Israeli regime in the immediate aftermath of Israel’s military offensive against Gaza last summer.

The following is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: How much of a scandal really is the UK’s arms sales to Israel and of course other dictatorships throughout the region?

Hall: Unfortunately it is kind of steady as she goes. It seems that the arms industry, what Eisenhower called the military industrial complex, is in the driver’s seat. Israel is the center in a way of this military industrial complex, and unfortunately this is just part of a sad reality here in the West that our political economy, that this is the main driver of the economy and that there is a constant supply for new enemies.

Press TV: One of the things that the West sells about itself is that it has checks and balances. So where are those checks and balances when it comes to selling arms to a regime right after it attacked innocent people in Gaza?

Hall: Well there is complete contempt for international law, no respect for international law. This is complicity in genocide for instance among others. So this idea that we are governed by anything other than a really diabolical political economy of arms trade, that the Islamic world is meant to supplying now a constant stream of enemies, that the Palestinians became the prototype, the Israeli treatment of Palestinians became the prototype for this larger war to replace the Soviet enemy in the Cold War to keep this political economy of death and destruction alive, this is what we are dealing with now.

Press TV: This will have repercussions, will it not, for the UK because the people of the region know who is supplying the arms etc, don’t they?

Hall: First the UK like United States, they do not make very much that is wanted in the world economy now, but arms and armaments, this is something they can make. Israel of course sells a lot of security equipment like telephones, by-equipment used in airports and things. So this is an economy that permeates everything, and it is one small part of a much larger thing that we have got to somehow as humanity get a control of before it kills us collectively.


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