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Erdogan, other Turkish politicians back ISIL: Commentater

Terrorists (rear) stand next to an ISIL flag atop a hill in the Syrian town of Ain al-Arab, as seen from the Turkish-Syrian border, October 6, 2014. (© AFP)

Press TV has interviewed Kevin Barrett, an editor with Veterans Today, in Madison, and Richard Millet, a journalist and political commentator in London, to discuss the Turkish government’s support for the ISIL terrorist group in Syria and Iraq.

Barrett says the claim that only certain low-level elements in Turkey’s secret services have been involved in supporting ISIL terrorists in Syria and Iraq, is “hilarious.”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and other political officials in Ankara have been involved in creating and supporting the ISIL terrorist group in both of the war-torn neighboring countries of Syria and Iraq, he says.

US Vice President Joe Biden has recently confirmed that “Turkey has been behind the rise of the ISIL,” Barrett says, adding that a CIA declassified memo revealed that the US and other NATO powers supported extremist groups in Syria in order to create “a Salafi principality” or the so-called Islamic State.

Pointing to one of the reasons behind Western and Turkish support for the ISIL, Barrett says the US and its NATO allies like Turkey are implementing the Oded Yinon Plan of the early 1980s for the Middle East, which was an Israeli plan to break up surrounding countries to small units.

For his part, Millet rules out the idea that Turkey and Western powers are behind the rise of ISIL and says high-ranking Turkish officials were not aware that some intelligence elements support the terrorist group.


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