Most Americans oppose the Patriot Act

Most Americans oppose the Patriot Act

A new poll in America reveals a startling fact: most Americans oppose the Patriot Act, used by the National Security Agency as a legal basis to spy on its own citizens.

Despite mass resentment, their Government is determined to continue using it for spying on them. Much of the data collected is of no relevance to national security and no administration in US history has spied more closely than Obama’s administration into the lives of innocent Americans.

Repeated calls by American citizens for the repeal of the Patriot Act and the closure of the highly controversial National Security Agency have been ignored. 

In May 2015, the Federal Appeals Court ruled mass data collection was not legal, and the US Congress narrowly refused to sanction an extension of some powers. 

Yet American President Barack Obama still has vast powers to allow surveillance of calls to, from and inside the US, as well as authorizing snooping on other digital communications.  Many Americans now say they distrust their own government.


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