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US military-industrial complex cannot survive without conflict: Analyst

An analyst criticized the United States military decisions.

The military-industrial complex in the United States would not be able to survive without military conflicts as the US steps up military tensions with China, says a US analyst.

Military tensions across the world are what the the US wants because “the military-industrial complex cannot survive without conflict,” said Dean Henderson.

Henderson made the comments in an interview with Press TV on Sunday when asked to give his take on a report by the Pentagon that shows its concern over China’s growing military capabilities.

The report specifically cited China’s growing drone arsenal which is set to surpass 40,000 unmanned units in the next years.

“I don’t think it should be any big surprise that the Chinese have drones,” Henderson said, “The US obviously has been using these for a long time to target so-called terrorists in Afghanistan and Yemen and Iraq and different places, killing mostly civilians in the process.”


Many Americans oppose their government's use of drones across the world. (AFP Photo)


Thousands of people have been victims in an ongoing drone war waged by the US government overseas for decades now.

“It’s another case of weapon developed by the US military-industrial complex and unleashed on the world,” Henderson said.

He slammed Washington and said that “a lot of countries have their own [drones] and if the US doesn’t want China to have drones maybe the US shouldn’t have drones.”

“It’s just like the US doesn’t want anyone to have nukes, so maybe the US shouldn’t have nukes, but  they just can’t seem to get their brains around the logic of that, even though its highly logical,” he added.


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