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Analyst: End to Saudi war on Yemen to bring stability to Mideast

People look down through a hole in the roof of a house damaged during a Saudi airstrike against Sana’a, Yemen, April 21, 2015. © AFP

Press TV has conducted an interview with Derek Ford, a scholar and professor from New York, to ask for his view on the latest developments in Yemen.

The following is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: How much change would a new envoy bring to the situation in Yemen?

Ford: A new envoy is not a magical solution. I think the envoy will do quite little so long as Saudi Arabia continues the aggressive bombing campaign. Over the last month, they have bombed all over Yemen, they have been targeting hospitals, schools, refugee centers, soccer stadiums, urban cities. The destruction has been quite devastating and only an end to Saudi Arabia’s aggression is the thing that can actually bring some peace and a potential for the return of stability in the region. 

Press TV: What legal action can Yemen take against Saudi Arabia, considering the fact that Saudi Arabia launched this war on Yemen without a UN mandate?

Ford: That is a good question and the Houthis have said that they will more directly retaliate against Saudi Arabia. And they are completely within their rights to drive them out of the country by whatever means necessary, as you said they did not seek UN approval. The war is completely illegal. However, given the notion of legal war provided by the UN historically has been generally in the service of US imperialism and its allies in the region. So, we have, for example, never seen any leader who has been friendly with the US brought to the International Criminal Court. It is always only those leaders of movements, of countries and states that are in opposition to the US and so, I do not think some sort of juridical appeals will be most fruitful, but I think that popular international pressure for Saudi Arabia to end the aggression is growing and ultimately that will be decisive.


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