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Kiev declaring war on all opponents: Commentator

Police experts examine the body of prominent pro-Russian journalist Oles Buzyna, 45, after he was shot dead in Kiev on April 16, 2015. (©AFP)

Press TV has conducted an interview with Mike Billington, with the Executive Intelligence Review, from Leesburg, to discuss the stance of Ukrainian government towards independence of eastern parts of Ukraine held by pro-Russian fighters.


The following is a rough transcription of the interview.


Press TV: Do you think Kiev will recognize the independence of areas held by pro-Russia fighters?


Billington: I don’t think it’s necessary for Kiev to recognize independence and I don’t think Russia or Putin are demanding that. I know there are some in the east who are. but Some form of autonomy would be adequate. The problem is not that. The problem is that what we have in Kiev is not only a regime which represents the neo-Nazi forces placed in power by the US and Victoria Nuland but starting last Thursday a week a ago the Kiev government and Proshenko as well have issued a series of new laws which have not yet been signed which are overtly fascist which honor the tradition of Hitler’s collaborator Steffen Bandora actually honoring their followers with special social benefits and openly declaring war on any opposition to the Kiev government.

Our very close friend Natalia Vitrenko, the head of the Progressive Socialist Party in Ukraine, a long outspoken opponent of the neo-Nazi forces within the Poroshenko government has issued a very strongest statement demanding that Poroshenko not sign these Nazi laws that have been put through and unfortunately she is being directly threatened. The SBU the secret service of the Kiev regime has issued statements accusing her of taking money from Russia to finance terrorists widely false accusations which are clearly meant to set her up for assassination.

I’m sure you know that in the last week two leading anti-Kiev leaders, a member of parliament, Kalashnikov and a leading journalist who has been an opponent of the Kiev neo-Nazi regime were gunned down in front of their homes and the unleashing of such overtly murderous operations are clearly threatening Natalia Vitrenko as well. The…statement [says] that where she [is] to be killed as she herself has warned that Victoria Nuland, Obama’s agent for Ukraine the woman who directly oversaw the coupe against the elected government and the imposition of this neo-Nazi force in power in Kiev has to be personally responsible for that atrocity which is being planned and implemented today.


Press TV: How could the situation become if the ceasefire is violated, I mean would that mean the end of diplomacy and political efforts to settle this crisis?


Billington: Well not necessarily but the ceasefire as you know has been widely violated on Easter Day and remember the neo-Nazi consider the Orthodox Easter last Sunday. On that day the right sector and Azov forces unleashed a new bombing raid on Donetsk and other area. And keep in mind the US has just deployed three hundred soldiers and the Canadians are sending two hundred into Ukraine to train the national guard which is composed largely of the Azov brigade which is overtly neo-Nazi they carried the Swastika they praise Stepan Bandera. This is an act of war.

It’s seen as an act of war and it’s a step towards arming and full-scale war against Russia. This is not an issue really over Ukraine, it’s an issue of the US under Obama like his Bush predecessors trying to provoke a war against Russia and China to break down the emerging alliance of Russia, China, India and others around a new world economic paradigm through the BRICS nations and the new Asian Interest Industrial Infrastructure Bank which is seen as a threat to the financial oligarchy that unfortunately controls the Obama administration and most of the European governments. So the use of Ukraine just like the use of the Syrian regime is aimed at provoking a global war and we are very close to global nuclear war if we cannot stop these actions coming from the Obama administration. Remove him from power which would be the necessary first step.  


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