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Extremist Zionists have overtaken US government: Scholar

Benjamin Netanyahu (C) is greeted by members of the Republican-dominated Congress as he arrives to speak during a joint meeting of the bicameral legislature at the US Capitol on March 3, 2015 in Washington, DC.

Hard-line, neoconservative Zionists have overtaken the US government and are pushing for a war against Iran on behalf of Israel, an American scholar and journalist says.

“This treasonous, neoconservative, Likud faction in the American government, which is financed by big money, hard-line, extremist Zionists, such as Sheldon Adelson… have essentially taken over the US government on behalf of the Likudnik faction in Israel, said Kevin Barrett, who is the founding member of Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance.

“They are desperately trying to derail a [nuclear] agreement with Iran,” Barrett told Press TV on Tuesday.

“They want to keep war going in the Middle East in order to allow endless Israeli expansion, to allow endless Israeli crimes against the Palestinians,” he added.

A bipartisan group of US lawmakers have signed a letter telling President Barack Obama that any nuclear accord must constrain Iran's nuclear program for “decades” before Congress will roll back sanctions.

The letter, which was signed by 367 members of the House of Representatives and released on Monday by the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said, "A final comprehensive nuclear agreement must constrain Iran's nuclear infrastructure so that Iran has no pathway to a bomb, and that agreement must be long-lasting.”

In any agreement, “Congress must be convinced that its terms foreclose any pathway to a bomb, and only then will Congress be able to consider permanent sanctions relief,” according to the letter.

This letter is an “attempt by the Israelis to start a war against Iran,” Barrett said. “Every one of these Congress people, who’ve signed this letter, are traitors to the United States of America.”

“Because Zionists give about half of the campaign money that flows into the coffers of American politicians as thinly disguised bribes, they have a chokehold, a stranglehold over our Congress," Barrett stated.


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