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African-Americans ‘shot down by US police in streets like dogs’

African-Americans are being shot down by police forces in the streets of the United States “like dogs.”

African-Americans are being shot down by police forces in the streets of the United States “like dogs” and the judicial system allows police officers walk away, a political commentator says.

“What I think people really need to pay attention to is not only what the police are doing, but what is the judicial system doing when these shootings take place because too many officers are walking away too many times from shooting too many unarmed people,” Dr. Wilmer Leon told Press TV on Wednesday. 

He made the remarks as US police killed three unarmed black men in just five days amid protests against racial profiling and the use of excessive force against minorities by police officers.

Air Force veteran Anthony Hill, Naeschylus Vinzant, and teenager Tony Robinson were the victims.

Police brutality as well as the racial profiling of minorities by US law enforcement agencies has become a major concern in the United States.

“These last three shootings are just other unfortunate examples of how African-American men are being treated or mistreated by the police,” Dr. Leon said.

“One of the things that runs consistent through them is the fact that these men are unarmed and one has to ask the question: How are these officers not only being trained, but how are they being tested?” he asked.

“It seems to be a need for psychological evaluations during the hiring process of these officers and during the ongoing training of these officers to get some indication are there any inclinations or there any preconceived perceptions that these officers have as it relates to ethnicity, are they predisposed to reacting negatively to African-Americans than they are to other ethnicities,” he explained.


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