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America: death of a nation?

US Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) (L) talks with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) during a rally with fellow Democrats before voting on H.R. 1, or the People Act, on the East Steps of the US Capitol on March 08, 2019 in Washington, DC. (AFP photo)
A US soldier keeps watch at the scene of a car bomb attack on a European Union police vehicle along the Kabul-Jalalabad road in Kabul on January 5, 2015. © AFP

The US government and its fanatics believe they control history, but history has its own plans for them.

First, ask yourself this: what is this Empire, and who does it serve? It can be argued in good faith that the special interest groups, those gentlemen setting the objectives of American foreign policy, are the same ones who once played monopoly using the British Empire.

They had given that prior Empire almost exactly the same mandate to export “democracy,” or Christianity, and other fallen idols, to foreign countries. Either hegemon stood once as a strongman for monopolistic international business, the only power whose “freedom” they really meant to expand.

The above makes it right for you to consider an interesting fact, as follows. The American and British governments’ propensity for aggression, for forcing people to obey them, stems not from the nationalists or bigots who draw so much attention to themselves in the media (although these people are usually cheerleaders for their government’s crimes). The aggression stems instead from men who care nothing for America’s future, or lack thereof, and its seemingly inevitable death as a nation misled into repeated wars.

Even as I write, the gentlemen who truly control the United States are plotting this Empire’s certain destruction - a period that will one day be studied as the final chapter in its misguided history. They have no interest in the wellbeing of the American people or its so-called national security, despite the nationalistic trappings of American foreign policy.

Whether they neglect the victims of the World Trade Center attacks of 2001, or the still-reeling city of New Orleans after its natural catastrophe, the corporate lobbyists claiming to be the most American of all Americans aren’t interested in healing America’s own body.

The tendency to ignore the wounds that the United States carries on its own body, while insisting on inflicting harm on other countries (i.e. their competitors) through wars and blockades, arises because the mythological American nation is maintained only as a puppet. The American soldier, though virtuous in his own right, is fated to be used by those elusive multinational corporations and globe-trotting tycoons who aren’t interested in healing America’s own neglected wounds.

The gentlemen who own the US media and much of its industry have estate in numerous other countries, including the dormant British Empire - a power they won’t hesitate to resurrect if they need to borrow its armies again.

The social wounds of the United States are thus left untended, denied by haughty ministers still obsessed with forcing the world to its knees. And the gullible nation continues on this trail of destruction, sacrificing the life and moral standing of the American soldier in the name of cowards who nestle in their foreign estate.

Powerful corporations and their lobbyists are only interested in wielding America’s mighty aircraft carriers and Stratofortresses, to expand their zone of monopoly and oligopoly. This explains why the US administration still devotes most of its public spending to the world’s most heavily-equipped military, despite the social ills at home.

It is why, despite the warmongers protesting against inevitable sequestration, the US is still the main buyer of the technologies of repression and mass murder, and the bulwark of dictatorship and tyranny burdening the lives of every individual.

The sad decline of the United States will shock everyone who professes to hold that country’s well-being close to their heart. But the globe-trotting elites who have been manipulating them, using pretentious nationalism as a weapon against any actor obstructing them, will be indifferent when they see that the American Empire is no more.

As follows the fate of all empires, the vultures are destined to be fed and they will move on. Whether through some hitherto ignored Anglo-Saxon country such as Australia or Canada, or the aforementioned resurrection of the British Empire itself, collective imperialism will find a new armada to enforce its monopoly.

If America’s many patriots can be reasoned with - if it is possible to reach their hearts, past the propaganda and money that glamorize the squander of American military power - let them know that they are being used. For all the superficial differences these patriots may have with the left-wing critics of US policy, their time would be best spent protesting this bought regime’s indifference to their fate as a nation.

Although patriotism is a concept alien to me, it is clearly not virtuous to die on some foreign field or desert that is of no importance to one’s own well-being, so the warmongers are not patriots. It could not be patriotic to support laws like the cynically named USA PATRIOT Act, that strip Americans of their civil liberties and help to cultivate this climate of military occupation and control alienating urban communities in the United States.

The growing social failures and the proliferation of misery in places like Chicago, where law enforcers indulge in torture and terrorism against people on account of the color of their skin, demand the full attention of all who profess to love America. It is a time like this, when messianic and utopian foreign policy aimed at reshaping other countries like Ukraine or Syria in America’s image belies the dystopic and doomed course that the US government has taken at home.

Of course, it has been observed that Empires always continue to preach their superiority and wage endless wars abroad, even as their own cities burn. Rome itself didn’t relinquish its domination over others until its own people - starving and begging for mercy - threw open their own beleaguered city’s gates to their enemies. So desperate were they, for any exit strategy from their city’s own wretchedness.

It is not patriotic to live in ignorance of the strife, discord and suffering in one’s own country, and preach the conquest of other states by squandering armies and fortunes. As it was with Rome, the rhetoric of imperialism and bellicosity does not slow the decline of a wretched city, but makes it happen faster.

America can learn much from Rome, including the lesson that scorning openings for peace and tolerance towards other states will backfire. It has been learned from Rome’s demise, that those who showed no mercy to their enemies were eventually shown no mercy themselves, even when they were on their knees begging for it.

If they fail to stand up to the lobbies of corruption and the courtiers of international power, American patriots are sacrificing life and prosperity on the hollow altar of foreign greed. They are giving up their lives for cowardly names who don’t care about America’s own fate, and they will have to recompense for such squander even after the parasites have abandoned America and latched themselves onto the name of some other nation-state.


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