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Massoud Shadjareh: Islamophobia leads to neo-Nazism

French police stand guard outside a mosque in Paris. (file photo)

Massoud Shadjareh heads the Islamic Human Rights Commission based in London. The political commentator was interviewed by Press TV to discuss the rise of far-right groups across the Western society.


Shadjareh maintains that Islamophobia and Xenophobia have been the main factors behind creation of far-right factions such as the PEGIDA group, Lega Nord party and several other fascist and neo-Nazi groups across the United States and Europe in recent years.

He adds that some of these groups are systematically being supported and funded by the Israeli lobbies.

Hatred against Muslims and immigrants is even being promoted by mainstream media and tolerated by main political spectrum in the West, Shadjareh points out.

The analyst expresses strong fears that these fascists and neo-Nazi groups could prevail at a sensitive juncture of history when European identity and traditions are being eroded.



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