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US media ‘delivers lies’ to the American people: Vietnam veteran

The corporate-dominated media in the US has a broad agenda to spread “mass-disinformation."

The Corporate-dominated media in the United States has a broad agenda to disseminate “mass-disinformation” and “deliver lies” to the American people, a Vietnam War veteran says.  

“We have a mass mainstream corporate media that contorts and twists the truth and delivers the lies to the American people on the basis of an agenda of mass disinformation,” Harold Saive told Press TV during a phone interview on Saturday.

“We have a huge divide between what we call our government and the people who support it, more now than ever before,” he added.

Saive, is a current supporter of Veterans For Peace, an organization made up of US military veterans, which opposes the military policies of the United States, NATO and Israel.

He made the comments after a number of demonstrators from the anti-war group CODEPINK interrupted a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on Thursday  and demanded former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger be arrested and prosecuted for war crimes over his role in the Vietnam War and the coup in Chile.

The demonstration broke out just before Kissinger and two other former secretaries of state were about to speak at the Senate panel, which was holding a hearing on global challenges and the US national security strategy.

Republican Senator John McCain, who led the committee, called the protesters “disgraceful” and “low-life scum” and ordered them taken out by police.

“Henry Kissinger has a long history of being involved in state crimes against democracy, so I support CODEPINK’s position on the war-crimes aspect of Henry Kissinger’s involvement in the Vietnam War and practically any other war crime that he’s committed,” Saive stated.


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