Monday Jul 08, 201310:37 PM GMT
US politicians stay in office after crimes
Mon Jul 8, 2013 10:35PM
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An American journalist said it is not out of the ordinary for American politicians to remain in office or reenter politics after committing crimes and violating moral principles.


“It’s not necessarily out of the ordinary here in the United States” for an American politician to reenter politics after being “driven from office because of a very well publicized sexual indiscretion, as much as this may be perplexing for others around the world,” Mark Glenn told Press TV on Monday.


“The moral fiber, especially the political moral fiber of the United States is not necessarily the same as it is in other countries,” he added.


Glenn said that most of U.S. politicians who are responsible for bringing about crimes against humanity are still in office.


“The present government is responsible for having killed millions of innocent people around the world, specifically in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and other countries.”


He made the comments after former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, who resigned from the government in 2008 amid a high-profile prostitution scandal, is planning to reenter the politics.


Spitzer has announced that he hopes to run for the New York City comptroller's office, according to an interview released by The New York Times.


The disgraced official is a 54-year-old Democrat who has worked for the CNN and Current TV as a news host and commentator over the past few years.


He said in a phone interview with the Times that he plans on collecting the 3,750 signatures he needs by Thursday to make it on to the ballot.



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