Thursday Jun 27, 201303:35 PM GMT
'US should not change its policies with Russia over whistleblower case'
Thu Jun 27, 2013 12:37AM
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An American journalist says the revelation of “U.S. criminal activity” in spying on its own citizens by “American hero and whistleblower” Edward Snowden should not impact the relationship between the U.S. and Russia.


“To allow something that Mr. Snowden did- which really revealed criminal activity by the U.S. government- to impact … commercial relationships is really foolish and short-sided of our government but that’s what criminals do when they get caught breaking the law,” Mike Harris, a financial editor at Veterans Today told us in a phone interview on Wednesday.


He made the remarks as Snowden, who is charged under the Espionage Act, is staying in the transit zone of Moscow’ Sheremetyevo Airport. He is waiting for Ecuador’s response to his asylum application.


Russian President Vladimir Putin has rejected Washington’s request to extradite Snowden, citing a lack of extradition treaty with the U.S.


“Mr. Snowden did not reveal anything that was not already publically available to the people but he did confirm that the U.S. government is breaking the law and violating the constitution of the United States,” Harris added.


He advised American authorities against changing their policies regarding Russia because the country is “potentially a great market for the U.S.” 



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