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‘US war on Syria is all about money’
Sat Jun 15, 2013 4:33PM
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The United States will attempt to get militarily involved in any conflict in the Middle East due to financial profits of war, a political analyst told Press TV’s U.S. Desk on Saturday.


“Any way they can get involved with any kind of military intervention in the Middle East, they will do it. The United States will do that because it’s all about the profits of war and keeping it going,” Al Kovnat said.


“War is a big business. Military intervention is a big business and they have an awful lot of lobbyists in Washington pushing for this [war],” he added.


The analyst made the remarks after Washington authorized sending weapons to militants in Syria. U.S. officials said the White House is also considering a no-fly zone inside the country.


“Hopefully the people will realize that they have to stop this because the money is not coming into this country for education or for healthcare for their own people. It’s going over just to make money for the big military operations and the corporate military people,” Kovnat said.


The Obama administration’s preparation for a military intervention in Syria comes despite the public’s opposition to the war in the Middle Eastern country.


A poll conducted by Gallup last month showed that 68 percent of Americans said the United States should not take any military action against Syria.      



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