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Obama accused of playing role in IRS scandal
Sun Jun 2, 2013 12:29PM
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A Republican official has sharply criticized President Barack Obama for creating a culture of hostility toward conservative groups after the Internal Revenue Service targeted the groups.


In an article published by RealClearPolitics on Saturday, Chairman of the Republican National Committee Reince Priebus accused Obama of playing a role in the incident.


"Will anyone take responsibility for the IRS scandal? When will we hear the whole truth?" Priebus asked. "And will the president ever admit to creating a culture of hostility toward conservative groups?"


Here are some lines of the article: 

Does President Obama think his endless attacks on conservative groups had no effect on the IRS’s thinking? Did the IRS take years of name calling as a sign that these groups deserved to be harassed? After the president and his allies called the groups “terrorists” and “tea-baggers,” did the IRS think targeting them was what the president wanted? Were they egged on by the letters from Democrat Senators Schumer, Whitehouse, and Baucus calling for the IRS to scrutinize conservative groups?


Doesn’t the administration recognize the IRS could’ve taken cues from people at the top?


If this wasn’t politically motivated, why weren’t liberal groups targeted? Why did the IRS wait until after the 2012 election to admit their actions? Isn’t it interesting that none of President Obama’s supporters were targeted?



Meanwhile, president of the conservative Citizens for Self Governance, Mark Meckler, said the Obama administration “should apologize on behalf of the IRS and on behalf of the U.S. government,” calling it “a simple human courtesy.”


He also said that he thought “the president was behaving worse than a child,” by not owning up to the actions taken by the IRS.


However, the White House avoided apologizing for the scandal.


The chaos over the IRS is one of three controversies hitting the Obama administration. The Justice Department has been criticized for improperly seizing the phone records of Associated Press reporters in investigating a leak, while the administration has been accused of misleading the public about the terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya that killed four Americans including the U.S. ambassador.



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