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Venezuela says US 'far-right' wants to kill Capriles
Thu Mar 14, 2013 7:39AM
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Henrique Capriles

Venezuela's acting president said on Wednesday that "far right" politicians in the United States are plotting to kill opposition leader Henrique Capriles.


"We have detected plans by the far right, linked to the groups of (former Bush administration officials) Roger Noriega and Otto Reich, to make an attempt against the opposition presidential candidate," Nicolas Maduro said.


Maduro also said the plot to kill Capriles is part of a conspiracy against Venezuela. The Venezuelan government has also accused the U.S. of causing late president Hugo Chavez’s death.


Maduro and Capriles are both running for president, though Maduro has pledged to continue the policies of Chavez.


Ron Ridenour, a veteran journalist and author from Denmark says it is possible Hugo Chavez, who died last week, was the victim of U.S. germ warfare


The U.S. has attempted to assassinate various world leaders including Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba of Congo, Fidel Castro of Cuba and General Abd al-Karim Kassin (Qasim) of Iraq, Ridenour said in an interview with Press TV’s U.S. Desk on March 13.


Venezuela Vice-President Nicolas Maduro said on March 6th, just hours after President Hugo Chavez’s death, that the U.S. might have infected their president with poisonous bacteria.


Venezuela's relations with the U.S. have been strained for years. NBC News


On March 11, The Unites States expelled two Venezuelan diplomats in what the Washington Post called a "diplomatic tit-for-tat" following Venezuela’s expulsion of two American military attaches last week. UPI


In 2008, Chavez expelled the American ambassador, claiming the U.S. was orchestrating a military coup. He had repeatedly claimed to be the target of assassination plots from domestic and international opponents. NBC News


“The hegemonic pretensions of the American empire are placing at risk the very survival of the human species,” he said in a 2006 speech at the United Nations. In the same speech he called President George W. Bush “the devil.” NY Times



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