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McCain, Graham warn on Brennan vote
Sun Mar 3, 2013 9:9PM
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Republican senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain say they want answers from the Obama administration and are willing to oppose the administration's choice to be the new CIA director until they get them.


Graham said Sunday he and McCain "are hell-bent on making sure the American people understand this debacle called Benghazi." The South Carolina Republican says he wants to understand what happened in September at the U.S. consulate in Libya that left four Americans dead.


McCain says he also wants answers about policies on torture and the Arizona senator says he deserves answers.


The Senate Intelligence Committee is scheduled to vote early this week on Brennan's nomination. Brennan is currently President Barack Obama's counterterrorism adviser.


Graham and McCain spoke to CBS' "Face the Nation." AP




On Jan. 7, President Obama nominated John Brennan, the man who masterminded the expansion of the hugely controversial drone program as the new director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Daily Mail


In 2009, it was Democrats on the left who scuttled Brennan's nomination to the same CIA post, because he was too closely associated with the CIA torture program promoted under the previous president. The Atlantic Wire


While serving as deputy executive director of the CIA under the Bush administration, President Obama’s nominee for CIA chief and current counterterrorism adviser John Brennan “had detailed, contemporaneous knowledge” of the use of torture on detainees in U.S. prisons. Antiwar


Now, he's solidified another policy that began under President Bush and is ready to head back to the CIA as its biggest booster. Whether or not the drone program continues as an intelligence effort or a military one, Brennan has ensured that, for better or worse, it will always be a key part of America's fighting overseas. The Atlantic Wire


In 2011, John Brennan, made an extraordinary claim about drone attacks in Pakistan: "In the last year, there hasn't been a single collateral death because of the exceptional proficiency, precision of the capabilities that we've been able to develop." Common Dreams



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