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US drone policy has ‘very dire and dangerous consequences’
Sat Feb 23, 2013 3:20PM
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An American analyst says that Washington’s ever-expanding assassination drone program would have “very dire and dangerous” consequences for the United States.


“The consequences for the United States are very dire and very dangerous. The United States could make itself into one of the most hated nations that has ever been in the world. This is a real tragedy,” columnist for Veterans Today, Sherwood Ross told Press TV’s U.S. Desk on Saturday.


“The resentment on the part of the populations that are living under these drone conditions is very great. President Obama has said that individuals are carefully screened and selected to be the target of these drones, but the fact is that entire populations—whole areas of Pakistan for example in the tribal areas—are being impacted.”


“Hundreds of thousands if not millions of people are living night and day with the sound of drones over their heads,” Ross said, adding that “they know the drones are not selective.”


The analyst also lamented that “the debates in the United States on drones have been muted and the public has been largely indifferent to the rise of the drones, but this is the new military technology obviously.”


In addition to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia which are the frequent targets of U.S. drone strikes, the U.S. military is establishing a Predator drone base in the West African country of Niger to assist the French-led war in neighboring Mali.


President Barack Obama announced Friday that about 100 U.S. troops have been deployed to Niger to set up the drone base. In a letter to senior Congressional leaders, the president said the armed troops had finished deploying to the country on Tuesday with the consent of the government of Niger.



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